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OET ® European Standard Portable Western Toilet for Elders and Disabled Peoples 

( WT-01)

Specifications : 

 Size : length 54cm x Width 46cm x Height 51cm 

 Weight :  5.25Kg 

Packing list : 1 *  western toilet box

Price : 5999₹6800(M.R.P.) ( Include Free Courier +Taxes ) 

Free shipping  Free shipping - All over India ( Price Include GST )

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Product description
People who are suffering from severe injuries will find this commode stool as the best toilet. -it is a portable toilet that can be placed at the beside of patient , this are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated reach to the bathroom. -the receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied. It enables a patient to sit comfortably while defecating or urinating. -it is less stressful than using a bedpan. It can be used home as well as hospitals. It is specially design to provide comfort and convenience to disabled or aged people.