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Cho-Cho European Standard Foldable Bath Tubs for Kids and Adults ( AP120 )

Packing list : 1 * Bathtub + 1 * Drain Hose

Inflatable Size :  112 x 60 x 51 Cm ,Tub Weight : 9Kg 

Price : 9399 Rs  ₹13000 (MRP)                                 

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Product description

The tub cover is designed to keep the water temperature for more than one hour. Surrounding lock temperature design, continuous cycle heat preservation. Real bathing relaxes stress. A large enough bathtub allows you to stretch freely in the water. It is suitable for bubble baths, spas, and foot massage sticks to relieve work pressure. It can accommodate two children at the same time and is sufficient for adults and children. The foldable design of the bathtub is easy to store and carry. One-step folding saves storage and use space. The drainage port is easy to install, and the bathtub plastic structure is easy to clean. The bottom of the bathtub is non-slip to ensure the safety of our customers. The inside of the bathtub is smooth, does not hurt the skin, is easy to clean.